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 all pet productz should be properly uzed & attended to

for your petz use safeley with the correct supervision..  monitor petz when U R giving them any toys of anykind..  

  THANKXZ & ENJOY all of R WONDERFUL productz..!! & kids productz should be supervised haz well where need be..!!

Paul Parkman Antique Burnished Leather Boots Brown (ID#5075-BRW)

Paul Parkman Antique Burnished Leather Boots Brown (ID#5075-BRW)

Šifra proizvoda: 5075-BRW
Norwegian hand-welted construction. 
 Antique burnished brown leather upper.  
 Black and purple hand-painted fiddle waist leather sole.  
 Cap toe lace-up boots for men.  
 Natural leather lining and inner sole.  
 This is a made-to-order product. Please allow 15 days for the delivery. Because Paul Parkman products are hand-painted and couture-level creations, each shoe will have a unique hue and polish, and color may differ slightly from the picture.